Stationary Bike Workout for the Biggest Fat-Burning Payoff You Can Get from It

stationary bike workout
stationary bike workout

You know working out regularly is good routine to keep yourself healthy. However, when you are aiming to lose weight, shed fat, or build muscle, you will have specific workout for effective result. Not to mention, you will need to have healthy nutrition plan.

For the best fat-burning payoff though, we suggest you to do stationary bike workout with intervals instead of merely cycling at steady state. Let us tell you how to work this out properly in this opportunity. After all, you can’t get the result you want if you do things wrong.

Does riding a bike burn fat & lose weight? Stationary bike exercise works great for fat-burning purpose if you cycle with intervals. Also, it is important to cycle with proper time, intensity, and reps.
stationary exercise bike

Stationary Bike Interval Workout Step 1

First than anything, you will have to get some warm-up, just like what you are supposed to do before every workout. With stationary bike, you just need to cycle it at easy intensity for up to 5 minutes. Then, you can start with the interval workout right away.

So, cycle the bike at hard intensity for 30 seconds. Then, lower the intensity to moderate level and cycle it for another 30 seconds. For the ones with hard and moderate intensity, you need to repeat them 4 times so we can continue then.

Stationary Bike Interval Workout Step 2

Moving on to the next step, we need to cycle the bike at easy intensity for 1 minute. There is no repetition for this. So, let’s just continue. After that, you need to raise the intensity all the way to hard level and cycle again for another 1 minute.

Next, this bike interval workout needs you to cycle at moderate intensity for 30 seconds. Just like the first step before, the hard and moderate ones have to be done with 4 repetitions. Only then, you can move on to the next step of this workout.
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Stationary Bike Interval Workout Step 3

The next step is started in the same way as the previous one. Yes, you need to cycle the bike at easy intensity for 1 minute with no repetition at all. Then, you need to continue by cycling at all-out intensity for 45 seconds.

After that, go with easy intensity for 15 seconds. Make sure to do the all-out and easy ones for 3 times before you end this workout with the last step after this. Just follow what’s suggested properly and you will benefit from this workout for the weight loss without doubt.

Stationary Bike Interval Workout Step 4

Now that you have done the 3 steps, the last one requires you to cycle at easy intensity for 2 minutes long. Here, you will have the chance to challenge yourself. If you are willing to do so, you can do the entire workout above till this step one more time.

Then, you end this workout of stationary bike with cool-down exercise by cycling at easy intensity for 5 minutes. Do this regularly and you will get to reduce your weight for sure. If you can deal with your fat at home, you don’t have to go all the way to the gym to do so.