Does Riding a Bike Burn Fat & Lose Weight?

does riding a bike burn fat and lose weight
does riding a bike burn fat and lose weight

One of the most popular exercises is riding a bike. Many people (especially women) plan to lose weight and they ride a bike to reach that goal. But does riding a bike burn fat to lead weight loss?

Actually, there are many other exercises that burn fat better but cycling also does burn fat. That is why we can say that riding a bike can help you to lose your weight.
can you lose weight riding a bike

How Far Should You Ride a Bike to Burn Fat?

Does riding a bike lose weight? It depends on how you do that. In this case, duration is much more important than the distance. It means, it is much better to ride a bike in routine rather that you ride a bike in a far biking tour but only once.

For a good plan, we recommend you to go cycling about 3 times a week where each session takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

How Fast Should You Ride a Bike to Burn Fat?

Does cycling burn fat? It really does. If your main goal is to lose weight, speed is important. But the more important thing should be focus on exercise intensity. With higher intensity ride, you can burn fats and calories more effectively.

To have high intensity ride, bike type really affects it. To get the best result, we recommend you to work at 70% or 75% of maximum heart rate for your rides. During biking, you must be breathing deeply.

Where Should You Go Biking?

does riding a bike help lose weight
The location of biking gives great impact relates to the calorie burnt so much because it affects both intensity and duration. For example, you can go cycling on a continuous bike trail.

Alternatively, it will be a good idea to always go cycling for working. However, you have to make sure that the road is safe enough for biking.

Best Bikes for Fat Burning

To optimize the fat burning, you have to choose the best bike. You can choose one that fits your own body:

  • Road Bike
    It will be a good idea to use a road bike with sleeker frame and thin tires. If you ride fast, it will feel lighter and it requires less efforts. This is best for you who want to go cycling on a long road.

  • Cross Bike
    If you want to go biking to a mountain, this one should be your choice. This bike is also well known as a mountain bike or a cruiser. It provides great stability and comfort.

  • Electric Bike
    For you who want to start biking, electric bike is a good option. It can also be called as e-bike. One of the most recommended brands is Trek.

  • Recumbent Bike
    This kind of bike is usually found at a gym. However, it can also be used at an outdoor area. It depends on your desire. However, it is not recommended for you who want to go biking in traffic because it is less safe and more difficult.

So, is cycling good for weight loss? It really does but it depends on the duration and intensity. You also must choose the best bike for weight loss.