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About Equipe

Since its foundation in 1992, Endura’s products have always been developed upon a platform of thorough design focussed on functionality and performance and proven through extensive testing.

With the Endura Equipe range, the same philosophy applies but has been taken to an even higher level with an unashamed and uncompromising focus on high-end road cycling to cater both for racers as well as sportive and endurance riders. Endura has many excellent award winning products in its regular range that will satisfy the needs of the vast majority of riders and if your requirements are not unusually demanding we would point you in that direction with confidence that you will be pleased with the results.

If however you are at the ambitious end of the cycling spectrum, if you are racing or have set goals for endurance events such as the more challenging etapes or sportives and if you are training hard to achieve these goals, then we would suggest that the Equipe range of clothing may well help you on the way.

The range itself is extensively developed and tested by the Endura Racing Continental Licensed Professional Cycle Team ( With 16 full time professional riders from various backgrounds of international racing stature and from a variety of backgrounds with a mix of British, Australian, Estonian, French, New Zealander, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch nationals on the team, we have built the extreme testing “black box” to push product into for testing and see the results at the other side. The team are instrumental in not only testing the product but also suggesting new options and there are on-going team meetings to follow up on individual riders’ personal input on all of the product tested. All issued team kit is individually numbered and its use logged by riders so that we can check what distances and conditions each item has been used in as part of the ongoing development process.

It is for more challenging situations that the extra development process, extended testing time and higher specification of construction and materials can make the difference. That difference can be a few tenths of a second in a race or, at the end of a challenging sportive, a smile instead of a grimace.

It is often claimed that products are designed without compromise and it is seldom true but in focussing very narrowly on the needs of elite road riders and considering construction techniques and materials and components based purely on function without constraint of cost, we believe we have established a compact range of road cycle clothing that few others can match.

So if you are exploring options to push on and give you an edge, to improve your comfort and performance, then Equipe could be a good place to start.